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Inspiration for the sleeve initially started with a lighting set-up that Steve, the band’s long-serving lampy, had designed for a tour. The inverted triangle was sort of in our heads already when the band and myself sat down to discuss the direction for the album art, and we all jumped on the idea pretty quickly once we got started. There could easily have been a slip into ‘sci-fi’ territory with this idea… We originally discussed the triangle being Photoshopped into different situations… but the whole ‘floating over a cityscape’ idea got old quite fast and the talk turned to the idea of having the actual lighting itself set up in real life environments.

And so it came to pass that at 5am one morning, the band, the lights, generator and ace photographer Paul Blundell were packed into a van, and a several laps of St Albans and its environs were undertaken. The vinyl art was a shot taken at a car park as evening fell. Only one or two shots in this location actually came off before security turned up and everyone had to move off sharpish. Ultimately, everyone was overjoyed with the results of the day’s shooting. So much so, that a decision on which shot worked best could not be reached… hence CD and LP having different sleeves.

Band Manager Ian Johnsen on Enter Shikari’s stunning sleeve. See it and many more at
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